7 Ways to Search for Your First Home Like a Pro

7 Ways to Search for Your First Home Like a Pro

The past few years have led home buyers to increasingly rely on websites and various online resources, especially when it was challenging to tour homes in person. One example was the increase in homebuyers attending virtual house tours with their agent. Many agents also developed resource pages on their websites to include new listings and information about a specific neighborhood in the city. As a result, there are now multiple tools available for an online home search that can still be used today. 

Even when working with a real estate agent, utilizing these resources helps communicate your needs when finding your ideal house. These resources help your agent learn what types of homes pique your interest, then use their tools, such as the Multiple Listing Service, to find similar listings within their network. As you begin your home buying journey, here are a few resources available during your search. 

Online property listings

Many websites contain local property listings, although the best places to search for recent listings are on a real estate agent's website. These listing pages are routinely updated and allow you to inquire about the property directly with the agent. Along with the actual house, these online property listings show the average value of the houses in the neighborhood and how much specific amenities are worth.

Social media

Most real estate agents have social media pages where they post about their current listings. On Instagram, agents may post pictures of the property and describe their features, while on TikTok, agents may include home tours when the house is empty from other potential buyers. Some agents also post market updates along with home buying tips on YouTube. Although there are countless ways agents showcase their property listings, social media is also a good way to connect with agents when you are beginning your home-buying journey. 

Neighborhood area guides

Another resource is the neighborhood guides real estate agents have on their websites. These guides contain details about all the communities where an agent sells homes. Information may range from popular attractions in the area to the overall lifestyle in the neighborhood. These guides typically include current properties for sale in the neighborhood at the bottom of the page.

Overall, these neighborhood guides are one method for you to learn which area best suits your needs. Perhaps there are great restaurants in the area or highly-rated schools for children to attend. No matter what amenities you are interested in, it is essential to understand whether the neighborhood you are exploring fits your needs.

Real estate agent blogs

Another fantastic resource to use during your online research is real estate agents’ blogs. Not all agents have the same information on their blogs, but the variety of content can range from information on the local real estate market, such as information about Upland, California, to a list of fun activities to do in the area. These blogs can provide insightful knowledge about the overall home-buying process and also may condense statistics about the market into a more reader-friendly format while describing the significance behind the numbers. Aside from blogs, real estate agent websites may also have pages to help determine home value and additional home buying tips.

Home buying guides

As a first-time home buyer or even someone who has bought a house, one of the best things to do is read a home buying guide. Home buying guides are typically documents with an overview of how to buy a home, usually updated to reflect any yearly changes in the market. The guides not only provide step-by-step walk-throughs of the process of buying a house, but they also may have information about local real estate regulations.   

State and local real estate association

At the start of your home buying journey, learning about the local real estate market is recommended, even if you are working with a real estate agent. Having knowledge of the local market allows you to understand better when your agent mentions how the local market is trending towards a seller's market, for example. Many reliable statistics and research are available on the National Association of RealtorsⓇ website. To better understand your local market, search for your state’s Association of RealtorsⓇ. In the state of California, there is the California Association of RealtorsⓇ which provides information on the real estate market for the entire state. You can also find information about local real estate associations for different counties, such as the Inland Valleys Association of RealtorsⓇ. 

Utilizing real estate resources

No matter what resources you use for your home search, it is always important to compare available listings, real estate market data, and other information to find what works best for you. Having access to various resources during the search for a home is exceptional for any home buyer, but it can also be overwhelming. It can be even more stressful if this is your first time buying a house and you are unfamiliar with how the housing market operates. That is why working with a real estate agent and using these resources is hugely beneficial. Not only can an agent help you make sense of all the information you find, but they also support you throughout the process by helping you find listings (even if they are not publicly listed on the market yet), as well as provide emotional support during the more stressful moments.

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